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As the summer season turns to Fall, colors abound from the romantic sunset to the falling leaves. Fiesta Flowers can help you find the inspiration for your wedding color motif.

But if a couple decides not to pair the theme with the colors of Autumn, there are still a lot of floral colors to choose from. Wedding design experts are seeing many more couples use white and green in the past few years versus the traditional fall colors like yellow, orange and red.

Whatever the theme is, top wedding Florists recommend the following five best fall wedding flowers and they’re all available from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts.


This is the quintessential wedding flower. Roses signify romance and love and this is accepted most places throughout the world. What makes Roses an ideal choice to use as wedding flowers is that they come in a wide variety of shades, from whites to yellows, lavenders and pinks to reds and burgundys. This wide color palette combined with the soft fragrance makes Roses an ideal wedding flower choice.

Cymbidium Orchids

The low temperatures of the autumn season make the Cymbidium Orchid an ideal wedding décor or bouquet. These exotic plants can last long and they don’t need heat and sunshine to flourish. Orange versions of the Cymbidium Orchids are also called Charlie Brown Orchids. These plants make stylish wedding flowers especially during the fall season due to their coloring. They look stunning when combined with greenery such Italian Ruscus or Gunni Eucalyptus.


Dahlias bloom from late Summer to early Fall making them a perfect choice for a Fall wedding. They are famous for their tuberous-rooted blooms that resemble paper fold-out flowers. Their large, fluffy shape makes dahlias an ideal focal flower. The wide color palette makes it easier to combine with other flowers as well. Dahlias come in different shades from marmalades and yellows to brown, cream and soft blush. Some varieties even come in deeper shades of red such as burgundy. Call Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts for the available colors.

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are known for their beauty and magnificence, which makes them one of the most popular flowers used in weddings. Their long tubular shaped flowers are commonly used as boutonnieres. Calla Lilies come in different hues and can match any color theme from mulberry and wine shades, deep aubergine purple to crystal blush and white for the more traditional. This flower is also easy to manipulate and the sleek lines make it stand out. Calla Lilies are ideal for both indoor and outdoor wedding venues as they are long lasting and hardy.


Another popular choice for autumn weddings is the Perennial Plant, Amaranthus and is highly recommended by Fiesta Flowers. It has a natural ability to drape everything from backdrops and chandeliers to arches and bouquets. The waterfall bouquet design is currently trending and the sage green and burgundy Amaranthus flower adds that organic feel. This flower is perfect for embracing the rich tones of Autumn, whether it’s jewel tones or moody blues. Amaranthus has a neutral color palette that goes well with any wedding design.

If you are looking for an experienced florist to help with your floral décor for your wedding, give Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts a call today. We have created hundreds of unique weddings throughout our 20+ year career in the floral industry.

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