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Learn About Some of the Best Plants to Have in Your Home and Why

Having plants in your home contributes to the overall health of the air quality in your home. At the same time, plants also introduce vibrant colors and esthetic appeal. Here are the top 5 plants to have in your home.

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Aloe Vera Plant

One of the main plants that you will want to have in your home is an Aloe Vera Plant. The Aloe Vera Plant has a tremendous amount of healing properties. Therefore, you will be able to use it for skin infections, rashes, cuts, and burns. Along with this, it is also great for the overall air quality of your home. The Aloe Vera Plant is capable of filtering the air of common air pollutants.

English Ivy

This is another excellent plant that you will want to incorporate into your homes décor. This lovely trailing plant is easily the single best air filtering houseplant to have in your home. It has been shown to be effective at  absorbing all kinds of chemicals in the air, including formaldehyde.

Ficus Tree

Another good houseplant that you will want to consider investing in for your home would be a Ficus Tree. This is a great plant that is not only effective at cleaning the air in your home, but it has also been shown to be effective at eliminating toxins as well. The best part about this plant is that it is extremely low maintenance. Water it once a week and place it near a window for easy care.

Bamboo Plant

This is another very good plant to consider obtaining for your home. This plant is very effective at helping to clean the air in your home and it filters out harmful chemicals as well. The downside to bamboo plants is the maintenance that is required as they do need to be watered often.

Pothos (any variety)

Classic Dish Garden

The perfect gift for all occasions, our Classic Dish Garden is made of the freshest green plants planted in a designer 10 inch wicker basket.

The Pothos is an extremely easy care plant! It requires very low light and watering only once a week. You can put this plant almost anywhere in your home and it will thrive. The Pothos has the ability to clear out formaldehyde and other pollutants from the air very effectively.

Overall, there are many plants that you might want to consider obtaining for your home. These plants can do wonders for the overall air quality in your home and they are beautiful decorations as well. Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts offers many houseplants for you to purchase for yourself or another, on our website or in our shop. You may also want to check out some of the best hanging plants for your home.

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