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The language of flowers, also called Floriography, goes back in history hundreds of years as a method for people to communicate. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians all have their myths, legends, and stories that refer to the use of flowers. For example, the ancient Greeks had a very high consideration for flowers and often associated them with the Gods.

There is evidence that during the Middle Ages the giving of flowers was a significant part of most cultures. By the mid-1700s, this significance increased when English and French troops visited Turkey and discovered that there was an entire language of flowers. This language gave specific meanings for various flower types. Later, the Victorian era created a specific meaning for each characteristic of a flower.

Today, we still see that the history of flowers continues to be written. For example, years ago it was inappropriate for a woman to present flowers to a man. This is no longer a situation that is out of the ordinary. Florists today are continually discovering new ways to provide creative floral arrangements for both women and men. And it has been proven that men like receiving flowers just as much as women. The sentimental value and communication is the same for both sexes.

Flowers can now be delivered anywhere in the world. Scientific and technological advances allow growers to produce year-round blooms. Even though most people are unaware of the old-fashioned meaning or history of flowers, they still understand the importance of how flowers can convey a positive sentiment to someone that they care about.

Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts is a well-known florist that provides flowers for every occasion. Some of the occasions for giving flowers can be special days such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Just Because, New Baby’s, Get Well Soon, Sympathy, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Father’s Day, and the list goes on and on. When you think about it, however, is it really only once a year on a special day that you should think of giving someone flowers? Absolutely not! There are many reasons throughout the year to show someone how much you love and appreciate them!

You can send flowers to someone special whenever the occasion arises. After all, a Secretary or Assistant may appreciate flowers on Assistant’s Day but how much more will she appreciate those flowers on any other day of the year? When you unexpectedly give someone you love or appreciate a gift, such as flowers, then you truly will be giving a gift from your heart.

A reputable florist, like Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts, will not only have an unbelievable selection of flower arrangements available year round. But we can also provide same day delivery on orders that are placed before 2pm.

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