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CO2 Filters to Keep the Blooms Lively

We want each customer to receive flowers at their best, no matter the occasion. We are committed to this goal. To achieve that goal, we go to great lengths to keep the freshness and beauty of our flowers longer.

As cut flowers grow older, they release ethylene gas. Build-up of this gas will cause the flowers to lose freshness quicker and wilt faster. Ethylene gas causes the leaves to turn yellow. The petal colors start to fade and eventually drop. Ethylene gas can also cause the buds to open irregularly. This can be seen in a condition called “sleepy carnations” where the petals curl inward.

To counteract this effect, we use CO2 filters in our coolers. These filters will absorb the gas and keep the ethylene from affecting the freshness of the flowers. These filters also absorb most of the impurities in the air that can harm the exquisite petals, buds, and leaves. Molds, fungi, and bacteria that may grow on the flowers, buds, stems and leaves are filtered, as well.

Moreover, these CO2 filters help to retain more CO2 within the cooler and area the flowers are kept in. CO2 is healthy for the blooms. This gas works opposite of ethylene. CO2 helps in slowing down senescence (aging) and inhibit shedding. Here at Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts, flower longevity is one of our top priorities and we take every precaution available to achieve this goal. As one of the only florists in Arizona that use this modern, CO2 technology to keep our flowers as fresh as possible, you know you will be sending the very best quality and longest lasting flowers available in the entire Phoenix Metro Area!

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