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July brings with its entrance a patriotic spirit as 4th of July preparations highlight the start of the month across the country. Festivities decorated in popping blue, red, yellow, and white are capped with fun, food, and fireworks as America pays tribute to the forefathers who paved the way to her independence.

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One of July’s flowers of the month is the bright and graceful Larkspur, the common name shared by two flower types: the perennial Delphinium and the annual genus Consolida. With its vivid blue color, Delphinium surely fits the celebration’s color palette. Its nature as a plant also complements the festivities. With its ability to bloom in harsh environments, the flower provides the most astounding splash of color in the homes or gardens it adorns. Some species take on the colors pink, white, or violet and grow all year round, creating fields of color that freshen up the views of meadows and mountainsides in some parts of the country. Its resilience indeed resonates with the dignity demonstrated by American heroes and forefathers.

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Larkspur & Delphinium commonly signify an open heart and passionate feelings. Pink flowers convey a flexible, changeable character. White flowers signify feelings of bliss. Bright purple flowers carry with them the notion of first love. It is a wonderful gift and welcome addition to July’s holiday ornaments.

Here in Arizona, the Monsoon season brings strong chances of rain later in the month of July, where July’s other flower of the month is apt. The Water Lily, with its tranquil and solemn character, will bring peace to anyone’s environment despite the stormy weather.

The perennial Water Lily acquires its name from its freshwater habitats and its likeness to Lily flowers. Several meanings have been attached to this plant, including mythical, spiritual, and magical indications. It is viewed differently across cultures, but it is often related to purity, rebirth, love, and enlightenment. It can also signify grace and chastity because of its reserved appearance as its rests on its leaf.

Giving this flower as a gift signifies a feeling of reverence and adoration. It is also significant of well wishes. Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts recommends that Water Lilies be kept in ponds or water-filled containers where they can bloom peacefully, exuding perfect grace.

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