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The month that starts off the summer season and one that is tied to many special occasions and holidays. For example, Father’s Day comes once a year in the month of June, and it’s also a very common month for Weddings, and therefore, Anniversaries. But did you know that June also is the most popular month for Birthdays? June also has its very own flower that is tied to it? In this article, we will discuss June’s flower of the month, the Rose, and the meaning and other significance that goes along with it.

Anniversary Balloon BouquetJune’s flower of the month, according to the American style and the English style, is the Rose. This is a flower that is much beloved, and used in many, if not most, weddings and gifts of flower bouquets. And while Roses come in many different colors, from white and yellow to pink, red, and beyond, the underlying symbolism of this lovely flower is love and passion. But that is, of course, not the only symbolic meaning that the Rose carries. According to the English style, the Rose also carries the meaning of chastity, humility, sweetness, and a return to a state of feeling happy. The American style pays homage to the Rose as a flower of love and affection, as well as a feeling of appreciation and gratitude. In both styles of the June birth-flower, the Rose is a beautiful symbol of romance and positivity.

If you are choosing a Rose as a gift for someone, no doubt you will want to select the right color for the meaning that you hope to convey. When it comes to Roses, since they can be found in a variety of colors, a different hue is appropriate for specific circumstances. A red Rose is the perfect choice if you are gifting a flower bouquet to someone you love, as the red Rose means, “I love you.” It is synonymous with romance and passionate love.

Pink Roses are an excellent choice in a gift bouquet that symbolizes appreciation and gratitude. And, of course, the yellow Rose is synonymous with friendship, happiness and cheer. It is the perfect Rose to give someone you admire deeply or share a friendship with. And don’t forget the white Rose, which is a fabulous symbol of new beginnings, purity, and innocence. Of course, a beautiful flower bouquet does not have to carry any specific meaning behind it due to color if you do not want it to. For instance, if your loved one has a specific favorite color you can select that particular Rose in order to give them the best possible gift you can.

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