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May is such a magical month. It is a month of true rebirth.  The earth turns green and plants begin to blossom and bloom. May’s birth flower is very fitting. It is the beautiful and fragrant Lily of the Valley.

The Lily of the Valley is a flower that smells wonderful. It smells so wonderful it is often used for perfumes, weddings, and in fragrant smelling gardens. The Lily of the Valley literally means “return to happiness.” It is also known as the May Lily. The Lily of the Valley has a rich history. Below are 5 interesting facts about the Lily of the Valley.

  1. Waterfall Lilies (V-1127)The Lily of the Valley is often used to celebrate May Day. May Day began when King Charles IX received a Lily of the Valley as a gift. He continued this tradition for years to come by giving the women in his court the fragrant flower. This tradition is kept alive by vendors selling Lilies of the Valley on May Day. Some people even wear a sprig of the flower on their clothing.
  2. The Lily of the Valley is a symbol of purity, chastity, modesty, and happiness. Therefore, it has always been used as a popular wedding flower. In fact, in Holland the Lily of the Valley is supposed to be planted in the garden of the bride and groom as a symbol of continuous love.
  3. The Lily of the Valley is supposed to protect your garden from evil spirits and witches’ spells. It is also the official flower of the fairy. It is said the fairy turns over the Lily and drinks from it like a cup.
  4. The Lily of the Valley is mentioned in the Bible several times. Since the Lily of the Valley blooms early in springtime it is often likened to the Second Coming of Christ. Many believe that the Lily symbolizes tears of Mary crying for Jesus at the tomb. Or maybe even tears of Jacob crying for Rachel.
  5. The Lily of the Valley has many other names. It is known by many as Mary’s tears, Jacob’s ladder, the May Lily, Lady’s Tears, and Convallaria. The Lily of the Valley is also the national flower of Finland. It is a very common flower in Finland and grows excessively in early spring. There are so many flowers that the Finnish are encouraged to pick them. Children know they are not supposed to eat the red berries on the plant in late fall because they are poisonous. The Lily of the Valley is often referenced in Finnish poetry and music.


The Lily of the Valley is truly a beautiful flower with a very rich history.

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