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Send a smile with our cheerful yellow & white Smiley featuring yellow and white Daisies, yellow Saladago, and white Monte Aster.

Every month of a year is linked to a specific flower. However, for April, the case is different because it is associated with two flowers – Daisies & Sweet Peas. These two flowers are amazingly beautiful and ideal for the month of April.

Daisies represent loyalty and purity. Daisies can perfectly represent feminine beauty. Known for their beauty, Daisies are widely available in most flower shops, in-store or online. So, if a special lady in your life is celebrating a milestone in April, you can send her a bunch of cheerful Daisies.

Sweet Peas are also gorgeous flowers that symbolize blissful pleasure. But, considering they are the best alternative for Daisies, Sweet Peas also have another meaning, sending them to someone means saying goodbye to them. Thus, Sweet Peas signify two different meanings, but they are ideal for birthdays. Due to their rarity, Sweet Peas are a custom order and do need to be ordered in advance. Give the florist a week or more to procure these beautiful blossoms for you.


Interesting Facts About Daisies

Bellis Perennis or your ordinary Daisy can be found in meadows, gardens, and flower shops. This kind of Daisy originated in Eastern, Western, and Central Europe. It’s also known as the English Daisy or Common Daisy. Daisy is also a Latin word which means pretty or beautiful.

Daisies symbolize stability, innocence, cheerfulness, and sympathy. These flowers usually have white petals and a yellowish ovule, but you can also find them in other colors such as yellow, purple, lavender and also red with different hues in between. Typically, Daisies measure 2 to 3 centimeters in diameter and stand 2 to 10 centimeters high. In some rare cases, they can grow as high as 15 centimeters.

In the ancient times, men would wear Daisies, and women would carry them to signify their availability. When men would ask someone to marry them, women would put a crown of Daisies on their head to say “yes”.

Great Ideas for Sending Daisies to Somebody

Every Daisy flower is a combination of two flowers, so they can symbolize two hearts that became one. In Victorian era, young brokenhearted women play with Daisies by plucking each petal while they were singing. The last petal will tell a woman’s relationship’s future. This tradition still exists today.

Every flower sends a message. Sending Daisies may mean a lot of things. For one, when one receives Daisies, it means that the sender knows they can keep secrets. Being able to keep secrets is among the ways a person can express and show true love for another individual.

Nevertheless, each Daisy can send a specific meaning. Michaelmas Daisies signify a departure or farewell. Gerber Daisies symbolize cheerfulness and are typically paired with ferns to represent sincerity. English Daisies signify innocence and you can mix them with primroses that symbolize motherly love. Thus, make sure you pick the best kind of Daisies to send the right message to her.

A bouquet of mixed colored Daisies is a good idea when sending flowers to someone special. Think about your recipient and the role she plays in your life. Daisies are fine if the recipient is a friend or your mother or are your recipient’s favorite flowers. However, you can mix them with something red and lovely if the bouquet is for your wife or girlfriend. Perhaps, you may choose sending her a bouquet of roses with Daisies as an accent flower. Since they are an economical flower with many blooms on one stem, Daisies can give that fuller look for your bouquet without adding too much expense.

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