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Contrary to popular belief, ordering prom flowers and corsages is not as simple a task as one would imagine. It is not something you should do on the day of the event, nor is it something that should be done the day before. In fact, any person that does not consider ordering corsages at least one week in advance may find themselves facing several challenges, such as higher costs, less variety or the florist simply being fully booked and no longer able to take orders due to the high demand. This article will provide information on the significance of ordering prom flowers and corsages from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts in advance.


  1. Issues With Storage

White Spray Rose Corsage

One of the reasons most people do not purchase prom flowers and corsages in advance is not because they are lazy or forgetful, but because they are concerned with storage options. Think about it, how could a white rose remain perky for two weeks? Believe it or not, you do not need to purchase the corsage and keep it at your home until the event. No, this is not how the procedure works and here is how storage should not be a problem.

When placing an order for prom flowers or corsages in advance, you will be requesting for a particular flower to be available on a specific date. For example, if you are looking for a white rose corsage, then you can place an order and collect the fresh white rose on the day of the event. You do not need to purchase the item at the date of the order, and certainly, do not need to worry about storage.


  1. A Greater Variety

One of the greatest benefits to ordering Corsages and/or Boutonnieres in advance is the increased variety. For a corsage to complement an individual’s outfit is always recommended that the flower matches the dress or highlights the dress; therefore, it is advised that you find the most suitable corsage to match the prom dress. Plan ahead by speaking to the florist so that he or she can help you narrow down the best options and order the correct type of flowers, best color ribbons and detail accents that will make your corsage truly unique and beautiful.

Of course, there are instances where prom dates do not want their partners to see the outfits, but this should not deter you from finding a complimentary corsage. Florists can always help to locate the ideal combination, and by ordering in advance, you will not need to deal with the ‘leftover’ on-the-day choices.


  1. Reduced Cost

Three Red Rose with Black Ribbon Corsage (CB-719)If you think about seasonal holidays, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you will agree that purchasing gifts in advance is much cheaper than buying a gift on the day or the day before. This is the same logic that should be applied to ordering prom flowers and corsages. When placing an order for a corsage or prom flower in advance, you will not only have a greater option but will be able to find more attractive flowers at lower prices. In fact, some more elaborate pieces will be approximately 40% cheaper when ordering two weeks in advance as compared to purchasing the corsage on the day.


As can be seen, there are certain advantages to ordering prom flowers at least a week in advance ranging from lower prices to greater variety to florist availability. Using this information, you can determine if this option is the best for your needs. Please visit our website to see pictures of our gorgeous Corsages and Boutonnieres as well as visit us at our shop in Tempe where we have our just for you, Corsage Bar where you can choose truly unique keepsake bracelets, bling and other items to make your Corsage truly unique!

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