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It is prom time! – Get a Corsage from Our Corsage Bar

If you have found the perfect dress to wear to your prom, there is nothing better than a matching corsage to complete your ensemble. Whether elegant and simple or funky and fun, a prom corsage makes you look smart, stylish, and put-together. A corsage used to adorn your collar or wrist is likely to be just the right touch to make you look incredible on prom night.


You and Your Florist

Rose Corsage with Wire Detail (CB-706)

Rose Corsage with Wire Detail is a modern take on the wrist corsage. White Roses and Greens are accented with ribbon and a contemporary wire detail.

A corsage does not only have to look amazing with your prom dress. It also has to hold up through an entire night of dancing, fun, and celebration. It has to stay beautiful and fresh-looking for several hours.

It always pays to get your corsage from a real florist with the necessary experience, training, and artistry and tools that will help it stay fresh and beautiful the entire night.

If you have a tight budget, we have options starting at just $29.99 for a beautiful and stylish corsage.

If you want a corsage that is the perfect accent for your prom dress, ask us here at Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts to create a customized corsage. We can play with colorful daisies and wire swirls if you want something bright, artsy, and playful. If you are wearing a prom dress that suggests Black Swan mystery and elegance, we are able to design a corsage to match this unique style as well. Whatever your style and look, we are able to create a gorgeous corsage to suit you.


How to Make Your Corsage Stay Fresh and Beautiful

Make sure to take the following steps:

  • Pick up your corsage on the day of the prom.

Do not obtain it too early. A corsage will look its best when you get it on the same day as your prom as it has a limited life span once the flowers are cut and do not have a water source.

You should, however, order it early. Florists are usually besieged by orders at this time of the year. Make sure that you get your order in at least a week in advance to ensure a nice flower selection of your choosing.

  • Spritz it.

When you get your corsage, spritz it with some cool water. This will keep the blooms looking vibrant, beautiful, and fresh.

  • Keep the corsage in its container.

If the corsage comes in a plastic container, keep it there until the time you have to put it on, preferably in a refrigerator to keep it cool. You can also use a plastic sandwich bag to keep the corsage fresh if you have lost the box. Put the corsage in a sandwich bag, pressing the bag (without bending or crushing the flowers) to remove as much oxygen as you can.  The corsage will remain fresh far longer if there is very little air in the sandwich bag.

  • Refrigerate the corsage.

If you get the corsage a day before the prom, keep it in the refrigerator. This will preserve the blooms and keep them from wilting.

White Rose Corsage with Double Ribbon (CB-727)Make sure to put the corsage in a section where it will not get crushed or jostled by other things in the refrigerator and also keep it as far away from fruits and vegetables as possible as the Ethylene Gas can kill the flowers very quickly.

The temperature in the refrigerator may vary from shelf to shelf. Do not place the corsage in an area that may cause the corsage to freeze. Putting the corsage in a shelf on the door or near the front area of the refrigerator is a more prudent option. Do not keep the corsage in the refrigerator longer than 24 hours.


Post-Prom Preservation

Do you want to keep your corsage as a memento of your prom?

Hang the entire corsage upside down and keep it in a dark and dry spot. The flowers will dry up after a couple of days and will keep for years in their dried form.

If you want the perfect corsage for your special night, visit our website or come in to our shop in Tempe to see our Corsage Bar full of fun and glitzy items to create your perfect corsage! Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts is able to design the floral corsage of your dreams to make your prom night simply magical!