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Choosing your wedding flowers can be one of the most challenging parts of preparing for a wedding. The flowers can either make or break the ambiance of this wonderful celebration.

Now, the question may be – is it time to schedule an appointment with a florist? If so, then Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts will be able to help make your dream wedding flower checklist. The checklist for wedding flower arrangements may start from altar or gazebo floral decorations, bouquets, boutonnieres to centerpieces for the reception. Flowers also add charm to cocktail and buffet tables, in the reception area and on the way to the powder rooms.

Beautiful is the word that the bride and groom will look forward to in their floral arrangement. This is the same for our florists. There are certain factors to be considered:

Flower Type

The flowers that the bride asks for may not be in season at the time of the wedding and therefore may be extremely expensive if available at all. Be sure to ask the florist about seasonal floral options that will help keep you within your budget. Our experts will know what is in season and available. You can opt to use flowers that may be available all year round and not sacrifice even an ounce of beauty for the arrangement. Some flowers available year round are roses, orchids, carnations and hydrangeas.



Flower color is an important part of the choosing process. As flower colors may not be exactly like what is expected to be due to tempermental growing conditions and weather. Proper communication with the florist is crucial as any color has different shades and hues. This may also be an important factor for the outcome of the wedding photos.



As perfect and as grand the floral arrangement may be, the budget should never be miscommunicated with the florist. Consulting the experts and telling them what exactly your budget is, is critical in helping them to guide you in the right direction for floral choices. This may be a sensitive topic to touch, but making sure that both the couple and the florist are on the same page will make the process a smooth one.

Nevertheless, even if there might be a stricter budget on flower arrangements, the bridal bouquet should be the priority as it will be shown in almost every picture taken. These pictures will be viewed and enjoyed for the rest of your life. Other parts of the checklist may carry the budget cut, but not the bride’s.


Wedding style

Wedding themes are now the new style. Some opt for a modern sleek wedding, while others prefer a more rustic style. Roses and peonies make up for tight, compact bouquets that are perfect for classic style weddings. Loose clusters of mixed flowers with more of the greens give off that bohemian or rustic vibe. Lush, soft, big blooms of flowers give more of that romantic feel, while a sleek, minimal arrangement with monochrome colors sends off a modern look. Proper communication with the florist will help you be advised of which style will suit your wedding theme the best.


Flower meaning

Since wedding celebrations are special, the couple may have something in mind that gives off more meaning to their special day. Reds may mean love and whites may mean purity and sincerity. Greens may mean hope, while purples and violets may mean royalty.



The wedding venue should also be considered for the flower arrangement. Large centerpieces may make a statement, but it can also block the view of the wedding guests during the ceremony or the reception. It may also be a hindrance for small talks for friends and family members. New trends may include flowers hanging from venue ceilings, flowers in clear containers and flowers in cans on the side of the tables.

In any case, the flowers and their arrangement make a great impact on this joyous occasion. So be sure to ask our experts about it.

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