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There’s nothing that signifies spring more than flowers. They add life and color to your home and at the same time, they also make amazing Easter decorations.  

From centerpieces to wall and door ornaments, there’s a lot you can do with florals. Here are some creative ways to decorate Easter eggs with flowers:

Let everyone in the neighborhood know that you are ready for springtime by hanging a beautifully adorned wreath on your front door. Use different kinds of fresh flowers, like poppies, roses, ranunculus, and tulips for a warm and cheery vibe.

  • Egg Shell Vases

Reuse egg shells and turn them into beautiful vases for tiny flowers and herbs. Crack a small hole in the shell to get the liquid egg out. Rinse the shell, fill it with little water and insert short blooms (like chamomile and daisies). Make as many as you like and place them in eggcups or linen napkins, to turn them into charming table decorations. Find additional Easter egg decorating ideas here

  • Floral Easter Basket

Easter baskets are not just for collecting Easter eggs. They can also be a unique centerpiece for your table. All you have to do is fill a wicker basket with fragrant florals, like sweet peas and daffodils. You can even add fresh or faux eggs to the décor.    

  • Mason Jar Flower Vase

Create gorgeous flower arrangements with mason jar flower vases. You can paint them in pastel to add a color to your table, or just put a ribbon or lace around it to make it look rustic. Fill it with seasonal fresh flowers to make your table ready for Easter dinner.

Make your garden and front porch ready for spring and Easter by decorating them with lovely flowers. Easter lilies are the most popular flower for the occasion because it symbolizes purity, hope, innocence and virtue. Daffodils, daisies, and irises are also a great choice for Easter.

The beauty of the flowers combined with the tranquility of water can add a whimsical touch to outdoor events, like garden parties or spring weddings. Aquatic flowers, like lotus and water lilies, are common for floating flower displays, but non-aquatic flowers can also be used. All you have to do is to snip the stem close to base of the flower. Chrysanthemums, peonies, and gerberas are a great choice for this kind of presentation.

Succulents go with any season, including spring. They are the perfect Easter decoration if you are going for a minimalist vibe, and they are also easy to style. You can just place them in unique planters or egg shell vases and arranged them on your Easter table.

  • Birds’ Nest

Birds’ nest is another ornament that is often associated with Easter. It is easily made by turning and twisting some twigs and branches, and adding some plastic eggs. But, they can also be made into a one of a kind table topper if decorated with colorful flowers. See our Springtime Birds Nest of Flowers on our website for the fun and unique arrangement.


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