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Many people throughout the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in various ways. This is a familiar tradition for many. After all, it’s normal to want to show our partner that we love and appreciate them – that they are special to us. For many cultures, the standard gesture is giving chocolates. But how can we make Valentine’s Day sweeter and more memorable?

The most common form of celebrating Valentine’s Day is going on a date with your special someone. But, the usual date idea of dining in a restaurant is just that – ordinary. So here are some Valentine’s Day date ideas you may consider before planning to ask someone out on this very special day.


R and R Time

A relaxing day in a spa would be a great idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner. During this season, many spa parlors are offering discounted pricing or coupons for two. Aside from going to an expensive dining restaurant, a day in a spa will make both of you refreshed and relaxed. You can also contact the day spa and have the room prepared with a lovely floral arrangement from Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts ( With our same day delivery, we can deliver a fresh bouquet or two of your significant others favorite flowers right to the day spa.


Go On An Adventure

Going out of town trip far from the city is also a great idea. If that’s not viable, even a road trip or a day hike would be great. You may plan to have a nature walk and organize an outdoor picnic with your loved one. This way, your mind and body will be relaxed while watching the beautiful setting. If going to a nearby mountain or hill is inaccessible, you may plan to take a walk in a park or even try skating and skiing if you are in a cold and wintertime area. You can always pick up a wrapped flower bouquet or a dozen roses to take along with you.


Netflix and Chill

Going on a movie marathon at home is one of the great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Although you have to be sure that your partner is a homebody before you even make this suggestion. This is a good idea if you’re both introverts and you’ve been busy with work or hanging out with other people. You may pull out many movies as you can, be it an old, romantic, funny or thrilling and prepare several snacks that you can both enjoy together. It is more romantic than going to a cinema where other people share the same experience. A Fiesta Flowers coffee table or kitchen table centerpiece would be perfect for such an event.


Karaoke Night

If you both love singing and dancing, you may invite your significant other to a karaoke bar. It is quite informal to visit a karaoke bar but the moment you will both experience is ultimate. Have some food and drinks while singing your favorite songs and dance to the beat in order to enjoy the day. It is not only exceptionally fun but it also builds a deeper bonding.


A Day Out For Artsy Folk

You may ask someone out to go to a museum, art gallery or exhibit. During this season, many museums are offering free admission. Others are also organizing free concert tours. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to make Valentine’s a memorable day for you and your partner.


Baking/Cooking Together

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, you may still spend Valentine’s Day at home by making it more creative. You and your significant other may spend time alone through baking cakes or decorating cookies. Shop together, buy the ingredients and start baking while having a sweet conversation. You need not be an expert in baking before you can share this experience to your partner. Isn’t it fun to learn more about it while doing it together? This would be a great opportunity to have a dozen roses in a vase or a floral cake arrangement on the counter.


Good Old Romance

But, among all these ideas, there’s always one old-fashioned but surefire way to make your partner feel loved — a bouquet of flowers always works! A bouquet of Roses is a particularly romantic choice.

If you are planning to give Roses to your significant other, it will be a good idea to pick a seller that offers fresh flowers purchased directly from the farms. Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts obtains the freshest roses possible by purchasing directly from flower farms all over the world. We have been in the floral industry for 25 years and have expertise when it comes to picking and delivering the best flowers for all occasions.

Roses are a good option to show your love during Valentine’s Day and are one of the best sellers here at Fiesta Flowers. Plants and Gifts. We are able to professionally design them in different presentations….a bouquet, a Rose Box, glass cube or in a tall vase.

green smiley

Aside from several packages, these roses are also arranged artistically. A variety of collections are available. For example, we offer a Fiesta Smiley Collection where the vase has a smiley face on it which aims to brighten up the day of the receiver. We also offer our Fiesta Animals and Pooches Collection where flowers are arranged in the image of an animal like a kitty, pooch or panda. All of these collections can be found on our website,

Want some additional ideas for flowers or gifts for Valentines: