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Looking For Some Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day usually isn’t well timed, financially speaking. Chances are, you’ve spent much of your money during the past holiday months, and now you still need to pull together something nice for February 14th. To help you out, below are some fitting gifts for that special guy, and all of them are reasonably priced below $50—without compromising quality.


  1. Workout Headphones

If your special someone likes listening to his tunes while working out at the gym, then workout headphones are the perfect gift. These headphones are specially designed to not fall off your ears while running, so your guy can listen to music uninterrupted. The Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Light Bluetooth Headset ( fits that criterium while also being lightweight, low cost, and high in quality.

  1. A Sports-Themed Glassware Set

If your guy loves sports but already has all the official merch, Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts’ Football Glassware Set just might fit the bill. Each glass has embossed football stitching, a subtle nod to their favorite sport that you can both enjoy.

  1. A Beer-Brewing Kit

Give your loved one the ability to make their favorite drink, exactly the way he wants! The West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit (from Uncommon Goods) includes everything your man needs for making his own craft beer: malt extract, grains, yeast, and two kinds of specialty hops. They can make up to ten 12-ounce bottles of beer with this $45 kit. Who knows? This might even become a new hobby for them, too.

  1. A Fiesta Pint of Blooms

Fiesta Pint of Blooms (M-2005)Is your beau into the golf? Many guys are, and if yours is among the many aficionados of the sport, then you’re in luck. Fiesta Flowers, Plants and Gifts ( sells a clear beer mug glass filled with beer colored crystals, white carnations to simulate the foam and topped with a golf ball on a tee. Your guy can use the pint glass after the blooms have expired. Who says flowers and beer can’t go together? With a bit of creativity, it really makes for a thoughtful (and unique!) gift. You can even get some roses for him to show your love and caring thoughts.

  1. Something Quirky

For $33.69, you can get him a samurai kitchen knife set (, or you can buy him an upside down wine glass for $13.46 (


Alternatively, there’s also the Fiesta Flowers Plants and Gifts’ Succulent set in Ceramic Frog. Tickle your special someone’s sense of humor with these gifts!

  1. Something Personal

Perhaps your guy seems to have it all, and you may be lost on what to really give him. In that case, give him something no one else can          buy. A well thought out Valentine’s day card, a photo album featuring all your memories together are a couple of personal touch Valentine’s day gifts.


He’ll surely appreciate the gesture and effort you put into it. If Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and all you have on you is $50 or less, don’t worry. There’s a wide array of gifts for you to choose from for your guy. You’re sure to find something your guy will like.