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People in this time of the year expect new things in their lives. Even gardeners want something new. For them, a new year means a new garden.

After the festive holiday season, it’s easy to lose sight of your garden. So if you’re planning a garden make-over, you might want to add some new flowering plants to your garden.

You can choose many flowering plants. Dahlias, zinnias, roses, and tulips can make your garden beautiful, yet if you really want the top January flowers for your garden, here are some flowers you should choose.


  1. Carnations

Experts aren’t sure where the plant’s name came from. But one thing’s for sure — The flower’s name shows how admired it is in the past.

Some think it came from the word corone which means coronation. Others say it came from the word caro which means flesh. Theophrastus gave it the genus name Dianthus which means divine flower. In Ancient Greece, people made flower crowns using these flowers.

Even today, many cultures value Carnations. People give Carnations to their mothers during Mother’s Day as a symbol of undying love. On Teachers’ Day, teachers receive Carnations as a symbol of dedication.

People associate different meanings with a Carnations color. A deep red color indicates deep love, while a light red color depicts admiration. Meanwhile, a white Carnation symbolizes good luck and pure love.

Some people are very selective when it comes to choosing the right Carnation. They are sure to obtain the right ones to ensure they express their thoughts to their loved ones correctly.

You can easily manage Carnations in your garden. They grow well under zones 3 to 10 of the USDA plant hardiness zone map, which means they’re pretty resilient. Carnations also like full sunlight. In addition, Carnations require frequent watering to ensure they grow well. When the weather is too harsh, add mulch around them to help keep them hydrated.

The sweet, pink colors of traditional Carnation will surely radiate a lovely vibe for your garden.


  1. Calla Lily

Calla lily is another beautiful addition to your home garden.

Although it’s not a Lily, people are used to its name. The name Lily describes the plant as beautiful. Hence, it’s widely used in holidays and weddings as a decoration and gift.

White Calla Lilies are popular cut flowers, although Calla Lilies of other colors look great as well. Each color represents a meaning. White ones symbolize purity and faith. On the other hand, purple Calla Lilies symbolize royalty and black Calla Lilies represent mystery.

Calla Lilies are low-maintenance garden plants. They can grow from zones 8 to 10. They also grow from rhizomes; hence, you can easily reproduce them. They can bloom for about eight weeks after planting. They can tolerate most heat conditions; however, make sure to give them some shade during summer.

You should water them frequently. Be careful not to over water them, since the roots can rot when they’re over watered. Colored varieties require more attention than white ones.

You can situate your Calla Lilies near borders or at the middle. No matter where you put them, they can make your garden lively.


  1. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is known as the Lily of The Incas and the Peruvian Lily. It’s a flower native from South America. The plant can bear different flower colors. Some bear purple, white, red, or striped flowers.

One amazing fact about the plant is that its leaves face upside down. The leaf stalks grow in a circular manner, such that the usual underside of leaves face upward.

In general, Alstroemerias symbolize friendship and devotion. The twists from its leaves represent the challenges of friendship, while the flower represents victory after that challenge.

Alstroemerias can tolerate the usual conditions in Phoenix. They can grow in US zones 6 to 10. They require frequent watering and full sunlight on a usual day. Alstroemerias also reproduce through tubers. This allows them to survive in extreme conditions, but when the weather becomes too hot, the plant will not produce flowers. Apply organic mulch around it to remedy the situation. Some recommended varieties are Friendship, Orange Gem, and Apollo.

A new garden can make your home lively. With the appropriate flowers in it, you can show what you feel this new year to your neighbors. If you’d like to purchase these varieties as a cut flower, head on over to Fiesta Flowers, Plants & Gifts. We sell numerous cut flower varieties for your needs. Check out Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts today to see what our specials are. We offer same day delivery if ordered before 2pm.